Coming in for class?  Be sure to meet Reiki Master Melissa or visit her website: Reiki is an technique used to relieve anxiety & stress & promote health & wealth being.  Melissa also leads a guided meditation class in the studio every Tuesday night.

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Workshops & Events

Hip Hop Yoga with Michael
Friday, April 11th
$10 Drop-In
(passes do not apply)
Open To All Levels - Come & Have Fun!
Experience a little extra freedom and strength in your practice and lose yourself in the music as you move to a pumpin' hip hop soundtrack designed to flow with the sequence of the class.  Michael will guide you playfully and mindfully through a creative and core-focused sequence that includes a few optional arm balances in a lighthearted way that's accessible to all levels.  Toward the end of class we'll chill out with some deep stretching and seated/supported poses to R&B slow jams, ending in a nice long, soothing savasana to leave you feeling refreshed for the weekend ahead.
Empowering the Mind:
Using the Techniques of  Yoga
Work with Trauma

Alex Amorosi
Heather Rems Korwin
Sunday, April 27th

This workshop will introduce you to the use of specific yoga techniques to aid in recovery from mental, physical, and spiritual trauma.  We will discuss some of the effects of meditation and pranayama (yoga breathing exercises) on the brain and nervous system, and discuss which techniques are best used in specific cases and presentations.  We will also address how Yoga Teachers and Mental Health Professionals can use these techniques to be more present with their students & clients, and to release stored tension and stress from their daily routine. 
This Workshop is open to yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees, mental health professionals, and anyone who is interested in using the techniques of yoga to enhance their mental and emotional well being.
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Kids Yoga with Jennifer

Kids ages 7-11 years

Saturdays, 10-11am


$12 drop-in ($8 for 2nd child)

Why yoga for kids? 

Yoga helps improve physical, mental, and emotional health.
Yoga offers a non-competitive way for kids to get exercise.
Yoga also helps develop focus and concentration.
And finally: Kids are stressed too!
By offering yoga to children, we are providing them with tools they can use for the rest of their lives.
When I teach a kids' yoga class, I like to incorporate many of the same concepts as an adult class, but modified to be age-appropriate.  We generally begin a class finding a way to connect with each other and with the larger world; we then take time to notice our breath and to work on breathing techniques and movement designed to increase our energy or to help calm down.  Like an adult class, there is also a section on building mental focus but in a kids class this can involve many creative activities ranging from child-friendly meditation techniques to art projects to journaling or poetry writing.  All kids yoga classes end with relaxation and I like to offer kids ways to help themselves relax not only in yoga class but in their daily lives.


Little Flower Yoga Teacher Training

Level One Intensive

May 3-May 4

9am-7pm both days

$595 early bird (register by April 1st)/$695


Sharing yoga with children is a unique and fulfilling challenge that has the potential to bring great joy to both the teacher and the student.

Join one of the most professional and comprehensive Children’s Yoga Teacher Training programs available, and learn to teach a holistic class that uses all aspects of the yoga practice to meet children’s physical, emotional and social needs. Classes incorporate yoga and mindfulness activities that help children connect to themselves & their community, access the power of their breath, develop focus & concentration, find strength, balance and confidence through physical movement, recognize and regulate their own emotions, and learn how to nurture themselves through relaxation.

You will leave training with a deeper understanding of child development, the capacity and confidence to create lesson plans that meet children’s needs, and the knowledge to teach in a safe, engaging and compassionate way. We will address the challenges of teaching in school environments, as well as practical information about how to set up new classes, get insurance, talk to schools about yoga, and more.

The Level One LFY intensive will provide you with the fundamental understanding and tools needed to teach a well rounded class that incorporates all aspects of the practice.

• Making asana (yoga poses) accessible, safe and engaging for youth
• Pranayama (breathwork) for youth
• Introduction to mindfulness & meditation practices
• Partner and group yoga practices
• Finding teachable moments & incorporating academic skills into yoga classes
• Guiding principles for teaching classes based on a compassionate understanding of students’ needs
• Creating a well rounded yoga lesson plan
• The ethics of teaching yoga to children


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