Coming in for class?  Be sure to meet Reiki Master Melissa or visit her website: Reiki is an technique used to relieve anxiety & stress & promote health & wealth being. 

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Workshops & Events

Chakra Class & Workshop
Heather, Melissa Pressmar & Ed Cleveland
Sunday, January 25th

1-2:15pm: Chakra Class with Heather
The Chakras are the 7 major energy centers in your body - when energy flows freely through the chakras, we feel balanced & powerful & are able to flow through life more easily. When the chakras are obstructed, we can feel stuck & even physically unwell. This class will use mantra (sound), asana & vinyasa (physical movement) to help you bring attention to opening each Chakra. Begin the New Year with new energy - experience the the power of energy & the Chakras & feel the difference this practice can make in your life.  Ed Cleveland will play his singing bowls during sivasana.

Chakra Workshop with Melissa, Ed & Heather

Curious about the Chakras?  What you experience in class?  Their energy & what they mean for your everyday life?  This workshop will introduce you to each Chakra - mantras & sound, mudras (hand gesture), color, relevance in life & how you can work with each chakra to enhance your everyday life.  Ed will play the singing bowl associated with each chakra. 

Chakra Class - $20
Chakra Workshop - $25
Class & Workshop together - $40

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March -August 2015

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training with Heather
More than just learning to teach yoga, this training offers the opportunity to learn about yourself & experience transformation first hand...on & off your mat. 

You'll how to teach yoga (sounds silly, but some programs teach you more about yoga & less about how to teach it).

You'll learn to teach a power vinyasa (flow) class, but you'll also learn how to translate this flow into other styles of classes.

You'll learn the poses - about them & how to effectively cue them.  You'll learn alignment, modifications & adjustments. 

You'll learn about the business of yoga & what it means to have your Yoga Alliance certification.

You'll learn about anatomy, the yoga sutras, mantras/chanting, meditation & more.

You'll see growth & change & transformation in yourself & in your fellow trainees. 

At the conclusion, you'll be a confident, competent teacher.  You'll have an experience that will change how you move through the rest of your life.

If you are interested in teaching yoga, or simply want to learn more about yoga, this is your opportunity.

Training will take place over the course of 6 months & includes:
2 Sundays a month
3 Saturdays (total for the 6 months)
1 Tuesday evening a month
For a full list of requirements, please email

Payment Options:
$1600 if  paid in full by 2/1/2015
$1850 if paid in full by start of training
$2100 to be paid throughout the course of the training - payment plans available
Please email for additional information & application

The Art of an Open Heart:
Sequencing & Self-Care
Yoga Teachers
Sunday, March 22nd

As yoga teachers we give a lot of ourselves...our time, energy, attention & care to our students.
We love what we do, but sometimes we're doing so much we forget to take care of ourselves. And our teaching starts to feel like work.
This afternoon is for you. The practice will be a heart opening vinyasa in a warm room & we'll discuss how to sequence such a class.
We'll spend time journaling & talking what it means to live & teach with an open heart.
Melissa will take us through an energy sharing exercise, and the afternoon will close with a restorative practice, reiki & guided meditation.

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